Banbury Unitarians

"Faith is reason grown courageous." Sir Wilfred Grenfell



Our History

The Banbury congregation has its roots in the Great Ejection of 1662. Key dates are below; for a more detailed history, please follow the link:

1672 Rev. Samuel Wells licensed to preach in Banbury
1708 Ordination of Stephen Davis
1716 The Old Meeting House acquired;
congregation known as Presbyterian Old Meeting
1739 Rev. George Hampton becomes minister for the next 56 years
1787 A split occurred in the congregation, resulting in the formation of Banbury Unitarian Church and Independents who became Congregationalists
1797 Peter Usher becomes minister
1797 A Presbyterian (later Unitarian) day school was started by Peter Usher; it was later known as Banbury Academy, and lasted until 1908
1814 C.B. Hubbard becomes minister
1845 The congregation is described as ‘Unitarian-English Presbyterian’ in the local church directory
1843 Henry Hunt Piper becomes minister
1850 Christ-Church chapel is opened.
1865 C.C. Nutter becomes minister
1969 The congregation ceased to use the chapel; it was demolished in 1970
1994 Banbury Unitarian Fellowship comes into existence
2001 Malcolm Sadler becomes Lay Leader
2012 Sue Woolley becomes Student Minister

1st meeting of Banbury Unitarian Fellowship

Ruth Fowles and Malcolm Sadler